Operation Underground Railroad

Ark Charity Review

Why Ark Institute selected this charity

O.U.R Operation Underground Railroad deals with the very dangerous and horrific act of human trafficking. One of the reasons Ark Institute was formed was to help bring an end to this heinous crime. Which unbeknownst to many is a worldwide epidemic.

How this charity aligns with our goals

Human trafficking was the catalyst, igniting the inspiration that ultimately led to the establishment of ARK Institute. Greg’s unwavering passion and determination to put an end to this reprehensible trade served as the driving force that brought a collective of like-minded individuals together.

What was the process of approving this charity

We did extra research with this charity; we are aware that O.U.R & Tim Ballard have been on the receiving end of bad press and negative publicity. What we discovered was horrifying. Human trafficking is hidden by governments, supported by organized crime & O.U.R is being actively and unfairly damaged by the same wealthy and powerful organizations that O.U.R is trying to expose and bring to justice.

About This Charity



Year Founded: 



Tim Ballard

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$2134.78 USD


3519.22 XRP

Mission Statement

We go to the darkest corners of the world to assist in rescuing children from slavery and ensure ongoing aftercare, provide cutting edge tools and resources to U.S. law enforcement throughout the United States, while strengthening preventative efforts that benefit at-risk children worldwide. We will not give up and will continue to go to the darkest place until light is restored, and every child is protected.

Children Deserve Hope

Founder Tim Ballard spent 10+ years as a Homeland Security Special Agent before recognizing that the only way he could save the children being trafficked around the globe was by doing it outside of the three letter agencies. Tim and his wife are so dedicated to saving the children, they even adopted 2 of the children from his first rescue! They have now completed over 1000 Operations, assisted in the arrest of 4000+ predators, and rescued 6000+ survivors. They also have a entire aftercare team and sister project called Children Need Families that helps with adoption processes and funding.
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ARKitects can help this charity

As an ARK token holder (an ARKitect), you have the ability to help this charity become self-sufficient by simply casting a blockchain vote during the next vote.

Fifty percent of all funds raised during the Deluge will go towards the Ark Institute vetted charities based on the results of the vote. The more ARK tokens you hold, the greater the weight of your vote.

More Ways To Help

Donations go directly to supporting rescues, law enforcement, servivors, and so much more. They currently receive monetary donations via Credit Card, PayPal, Venmo, GooglePay, and Bank Transfer via Plaid. They also accept non-cash donations like crypto, securities, stocks, used vehicles, or an Ebay for Charity campaign. For any questions about other ways to give to OUR, contact [email protected].