Ark Charity Voting

Ark Vote: November 30th, 2023

Voting Starts:
December 14, 2023 12:00 pm EST

To participate in voting on ARK, you need ARK tokens, and each token you hold equals one vote. If you vote more than once with the same wallet, only your latest vote will count.

After the voting, your ARK token balance will represent the number of votes you cast for your preferred option. You can divide your votes by holding ARK tokens in multiple wallets and voting with each one.

To avoid any voting errors, make sure you have the latest version of the XUMM app installed on your mobile device. If you want to share a voting option on social media, each option has a unique URL. Just right-click on the option, copy the link address, and share it with others.

Voting has ended, no more votes can be cast.

Mobile Loaves & Fishes 24.56%
11,758,347 Votes
Battle Dawgs 35.66%
17,074,135 Votes
Raising M&W Lawn Care 17.69%
8,472,504 Votes
Innocence Project 22.09%
10,576,485 Votes
199 Unique Votes7,529 HoldersSynced 2 Days Ago

Sign into XUMM to see your stats:

IMPORTANT: Vote totals are pulled from the XRP Ledger directly. Results will update every 5 minutes.

VOTING DISCLAIMER: Voting requires a transaction to be sent to the XRPL which costs 13 drops (vote 0.000001 XRP + fee 0.000012 XRP). You will NEVER be charged any ARK to cast your vote. Always read the transaction summary in XUMM before signing to make sure everything looks accurate.

All votes cast can be verified on the XRP Ledger with this address: r9nBvnP5GQYpyo2c57ZfNMQQRh2mywDNex