Ark White Paper


ARK Institute White Paper

With Reaper token, Reaper Financial brought the value of death to life in a very literal way. Through Ascension we brought the ability for stagnant assets to flourish and grow. Still, there is one ‘asset class’ that is neglected in this world more than any other, the Soul. We live in a time when men call right wrong and wrong, right. At a time when evil is called good and good is called evil, where to help another is to harm ones self. These are the times that try man’s Soul. While Reaper serves to support individuals and businesses, Ascension serves the token ecosystem by reducing stagnation, ARK will serve those who aim to build the Soul of others through financial deployment. Not charity, but a chorus of willpower.

Ark Institute will Sow the Soul by utilizing the ARK token and the proven blockchain voting mechanisms of Reaper Financial; Truth of will in data. ARK holders will exercise their will to determine the distribution of funds to highly vetted Organizations that seek to build humanity and quality of life. Ark Institute will provide transparent, traceable, and directable funding for human-growth organizations that offer support and nurturing to all form’s life. Borrowing structure from BLOC Oversight, ARK sets forth the following Gates with which to weigh the hearts of those who give.

1st Gate: Sustainable model for continued impact. The Organization must be able to provide a seed that if left unattended will grow on its own.

2nd Gate: The Organization must build the subject, not buy the subject. A charity gives, an Arkitect builds.

3rd Gate: The personal acumen of the Organization founder or current leader must be up to the task of the Organization.

4th Gate: Executives and employees of the Organization cannot be compensated above market rate.

5th Gate: Greater than 70% of funding to the Organization must impact the subject of the Organization.

6th Gate: There must be an accountable entity who is liable for all actions of the Organization.

7th Gate: Organizations must prove history of greater than one-year of affecting positive change through financial deployment.

8th Gate: The Organization must have well-established accounting practices which produce verifiable receipts and invoices for donations as well as published statements.

9th Gate: The Organization may not discriminate based on race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, or any other human condition.

10th Gate: The Organization must not be politically motivated nor affiliated.

11th Gate: The Organization must be fulfilling a purpose that is undeniably needed in the world.

12th Gate: The Organization must be Pure, without conflict of character.

The Exercise of Will

Qualified Organizations will be entered into a vote on the same schedule as that of RPR. ARK token holders may vote for their preferred charity utilizing their ARK holdings in a 1:1 ratio of tokens to votes on the ARK.Institute webpage. Their will be done by the Captain of the ARK.

DRIP – Distributed Reaper Income Payments

ARK holders who capitalize their passive income in RPR tokens, will also benefit from the DRIP paid in XRP to all RPR holders. DRIP is sent to all RPR Trustlines proportionate to RPR holdings.

RAIN – Reaper Ascension Income Network

ARK holders who capitalize their passive income in ASC tokens will also benefit from the Ascension RAIN. The RAIN is made up of Marshalls (Highly Regarded XRPL Tokens) which are purchased by Ascension for redistribution. The Marshall XRPL tokens will be sent to your wallet, via the hard-slot Trustlines for the listed Marshalls (*See for all Trustlines), proportional to your ASC holdings. Marshall tokens may increase over time, thus requiring more associated token Trustlines and allowing for more Marshall XRPL token passive income.

DELUGE – Decentralized Life Under Greater Eminence

The Captain of the ARK will increase the total supply by one million tokens per month and sell that supply at market value divided by the total number of votes per month. 50% of the proceeds from the sale of ARK tokens will be distributed to the Organizations as willed and as-is proportional to the percentage of votes received. 25% will market purchase RPR tokens and 25% will market purchase ASC; the full balance of each will be distributed to ARK token holders proportionate to the number of ARK tokens they possess at the time of distribution.

Sow the seeds and make fertile the grounds so that the tree of life might grow.

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