About Ark

Our Mission

Advocating for Self-Sustainable Charity

Ark Institute and the ARK token aim to provide charities with an innovative method of self-sustainable funding. Organizations which sow the seeds of life for the good of man, should not have to beg for money to do so.

Our primary goal is to enable charities that are helping support life to forget about having to put their own hand out to continue providing a much needed service to the world.

Leveraging a new economic system created by Reaper Financial, charities which pass our Gates will qualify for donations based off a blockchain vote, and even greater rewards if they hold the ARK token themselves.


The Ark Institute Founders will use the below documents as their North Star. Careful consideration will be taken while selecting and periodically reviewing the charities which will be selected to come aboard the Ark.

- Our Team -

The Ark Founders

Patrick L. Riley

Owner / Stategic Advisor

Michael White

Charitable Liaison

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Rich Greeley

Marketing Director