Battle Dawgs

Ark Charity Review

Why Ark Institute selected this charity

Battle Dawgs fits well into Ark Institute’s ideals as it is a small family-run nonprofit offering 100% free rehabilitation to combat veterans; our returning warriors. It was started in 2018 by a husband and wife who understand what trauma can do to a human being, and was born out of love and understanding. They aim to bring the peace and tranquility of the Alaskan Wilderness into the hearts of wounded, broken, traumatized warriors. Battle Dawgs delivers one of the most important things a traumatized warrior may need; Hope.

How this charity aligns with our goals

Battle Dawgs has 3 core focus areas; Outdoor Rehabilitation in beautiful Alaska, Mentorship, and Leadership gives our returning warriors what they need: Adventure, camaraderie, and preparation, ready to return to society feeling complete and whole.

What was the process of approving this charity

Battle Dawgs meets all of Ark institutes gates giving our brave men and women who protect and serve, an opportunity to heal not only physical wounds but deep psychological wounds that are not so easy to see like PTSD and TBIs.

About This Charity


Willow, Alaska USA

Year Founded: 



Rick Casillo

Total Donated: 

$11104.51 USD


21843.53 XRP

Mission Statement

Where our Nation’s combat Veterans go to reset. Battle Dawgs supports warriors’ transition back to civilian life via phases of outdoor rehabilitation, mentorship, and leadership in the beautiful state of Alaska. Founded by an Iditarod competitor and staffed by Veteran volunteers, Veterans get a week in Alaska to relax, reset, and refocus.

Rehabilitation Mentorship Leadership

Our Veterans deserve the utmost respect and support after serving their country. Battle Dawgs is ran by 100% volunteers, many of whom are Veterans themselves, looking to help warriors combat physical and mental struggles by spending time in beautiful Alaska.

ARKitects can help this charity

As an ARK token holder (an ARKitect), you have the ability to help this charity become self-sufficient by simply casting a blockchain vote during the next vote.

Fifty percent of all funds raised during the Deluge will go towards the Ark Institute vetted charities based on the results of the vote. The more ARK tokens you hold, the greater the weight of your vote.

More Ways To Help

Battle Dawgs is a 100% volunteer organization fully depending on donations from folks like yourself. They currently receive monetary donations via PayPal and non-cash donations. Examples of non-cash donations would be weapons, ATVs, hunting and outdoor gear, vehicles, land, or even houses. If you would like to support their mission with a non-cash Donation please contact [email protected].