Mobile Loaves & Fishes

Ark Charity Review

Why Ark Institute selected this charity

Mobile Loaves and Fishes offers a truly unique and multi-layered solution for men and women experiencing chronic homelessness. Men and women are given the opportunity to find permanent residence and use their God-given talents to create a sustainable income stream. MLF’s Community First! Village is a 51-acre master-planned community that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the disabled, and chronically homeless in Central Texas. Since 2005, this transformative residential program has been a staple of Mobile Loaves & Fishes and has become the largest community-based model in the country, lifting homeless men and women up off the streets into community and home.

How this charity aligns with our goals

Matching the grassroots spirit of Austin, MLF has truly invented something new. They have created a model that has inspired imitation all over the country.

What was the process of approving this charity

MLF provides a sustainable model for continued impact. The program is staffed largely by volunteers, reducing administrative overhead and calling the communities MLF serves into radical service to their homeless neighbors.

About This Charity


Austin, Texas USA

Year Founded: 



Alan Graham

Total Donated: 

$8535.65 USD


17210.49 XRP

Mission Statement

Community First! Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF) is a social outreach ministry that has been empowering the chronic homeless by building communities with a lifestyle of service and purpose. More than two decades ago, Mobile Loaves & Fishes’ founders boldly answered God’s call to “love your neighbor as yourself.”

Serving Goodness

Providing food and clothing, cultivating community and promoting dignity to our homeless brothers and sisters in need. Mobile Loaves & Fishes (MLF) is a social outreach ministry that has been empowering communities into a lifestyle of service with the homeless since 1998. Founded in Austin, Texas, the organization serves its homeless neighbors through three core programs: Truck Ministry, Community First! Villages, and Community Works.

ARKitects can help this charity

As an ARK token holder (an ARKitect), you have the ability to help this charity become self-sufficient by simply casting a blockchain vote during the next vote.

Fifty percent of all funds raised during the Deluge will go towards the Ark Institute vetted charities based on the results of the vote. The more ARK tokens you hold, the greater the weight of your vote.

More Ways To Help

Mobile Loaves & Fishes can accept many types of online donations (Paypal, Venmo, Card, or bank transfer), either one-time or recurring. You could also mail a check, gift stock shares, or donate home warming or home furnishings as the homes are 100% furnished when a recipient is provided with a house in the Community First! Village.