Ark Vote: August 24th, 2023

Here are the final vote totals for August 24th – August 26th, 2023. Operation Underground Railroad first place with 46.66% of the votes. Raising Men and Women Lawn Care came in 2nd place with 17.93% and Battle Dawgs in 3rd with 13.59%.  Mobile Loaves & Fishes and Innocence Project finished up closely in 4th/5th place with 11.08% and 10.74% respectively. There were 220 unique wallets that voted.  

O.U.R. 46.66%
21,771,608 Votes
Raising M&W Lawn Care 17.93%
8,367,098 Votes
Battle Dawgs 13.59%
6,340,303 Votes
Mobile Loaves & Fishes 11.08%
5,169,342 Votes
Innocence Project 10.74%
5,008,639 Votes

All votes cast can be verified on the XRP Ledger with this address: r9nBvnP5GQYpyo2c57ZfNMQQRh2mywDNex

Donations and Receipts

Total funds towards charity donations for this voting period was: $1665.26.  Actual Donation amounts may differ slightly due to fees.


OrganizationPercentage of VotesDonations in $USD
Operation Underground Railroad46.66%$777.06
Raising M&W Lawn Care17.93%$298.63
Battle Dawgs13.59%$226.30
Mobile Loaves & Fishes11.08%$184.50
Innocence Project10.74%$178.77
Clint has a diverse background of leadership across many fields; landscaping, warehouse/supply chain, construction, educational settings, tech startups, and the big tech space. He has a growth mindset; always curious and always looking for ways to help others. He’s been in the crypto space since 2019-ish, and started getting into the XRPL right before the dump of Dec’ 2020. Can often find him cooking and baking with the family to clear his busy mind. Causes that he’s passionate about include combatting child trafficking, exploitation, and abuse as well as mental well-being and addiction.

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