Ark Vote: Feb 9th, 2023

Here are the final vote totals for Feb 9th – Feb 11th, 2023. Battle Dawgs won the vote with 36% and Raising M&W Lawn Care came in 2nd place with 24.94% of the vote. Innocence Project and Mobile Loaves & Fishes finished up closely in 3rd/4th place with 20.37% and 18.69% respectively. There were 213 unique wallets that voted.

Battle Dawgs 36.00%
12,942,214 Votes
Raising M&W Lawn Care 24.94%
8,964,775 Votes
Innocence Project 20.37%
7,322,336 Votes
Mobile Loaves & Fishes 18.69%
6,719,461 Votes

All votes cast can be verified on the XRP Ledger with this address: r9nBvnP5GQYpyo2c57ZfNMQQRh2mywDNex

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